Sunday, December 28, 2008

quantum of solace: a review

i was finally able to see the newest james bond film, quantum of solace. i had heard that it just wasn't as good as other bond movies. i would have to agree. while the cinematography always rocks my socks, the plot was severely lacking. i mean, can anyone tell me what "quantum of solace" or the "the solace project" actually is? and who the heck is mathis? the movie only ran an hour and forty minutes, leaving plenty room to develop the plot. i really loved the way the action scenes were intertwined with other things going on in the movie, (i don't know how to fully explain it and i don't want to destroy it). i really liked things blowing up and the stupid humor. i can't lie-i also enjoyed daniel craig as james bond. if the movies were a little bit more "bondy," i might call mr. craig my favorite james bond.

there's my dilema and review. i loved it and i hated it, and am still completely confused.

anyone else see it or am i the only heathen of the bunch? any other thoughts?

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