Monday, December 1, 2008

delalyed in san jose

i'm comin up on my sixth hour in the san jose airport. i wish i had something interesting to tell everyone. instead:

i saw a guy that looked like he was talking to himself. i later found out he was on his bluetooth. i stood in a line at the security check point that wound out into the parking lot for thirty five minutes. i sat next to this girl who kept talking about boiled vegetables and fish and how she wanted to loose weight; she was drinking a frappiccino. i talked with an OB nurse and a girl who goes to UCR. did you know people leave their computers at the security check points? i finished two hw assignments, but couldn't motivate myself to start the one due tomorrow or tonight. another flight headed towards ontario left before mine. i got starbucks so 5% of my non-fairtrade coffee could go to stop AIDs, (or something). i so want to punch the lady who keeps making the announcements. i no longer want to be a flight attendant.

hopefully, i will see riverside in two hours. if not, expect me on a train next thanksgiving.

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