Friday, December 5, 2008

me and my rommie

i know i've written about our amazingness before, but i just can't resist. we have discovered that we have quite a few similarities, but also a few differences. Here they are:

-we both enjoy cheese. i mean really enjoy cheese.
-she doesn't like fish. i would eat it every day if i could.
-we both listened to *NSYNC and had a crush on lance (yes, the currently gay one)
-she can focus for long periods of time....what did you say?
-we both have similar taste in guys: curly hair, medium skin tone, oh, and loves Jesus.
-she is able to study in complete silence. please believe white noise is the name of the game in my book.
-we both a have strange attraction to ronald weisley.
-she doesn't like to drive other people. i just like being behind the wheel.
-we both have mother's that are nurses and older sisters that are teachers
-she has a nack for decorating. i can't tell which way to put the table cloth
-we have two of the same strengths
-she likes lima beans and eggplant. i like califlower, (and pretty much everything else but those two.)
-we both have emotional breakdowns: jen cries, i yell.
-she doesn't like to write and refuses to get a blog. you can't get me to stop suckas!
-we are both obsessed with jim gaffigon and which much rather spend hours watching hours of comedians on youtube

this is just a glimpse of our most current revelations. hope it was enjoyable.

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