Wednesday, February 4, 2009

death comes unexpectedly

i'm kinda emotional right now, so this blog won't make much sense.

my dad's best friend growing just passed away. i used to call him "uncle ray." he didn't know Jesus. his wife and child don't know Jesus. please join with me in praying that God would tear the scales off of their eyes, that they may see the wonders of our King!

my dad doesn't know. my gammy and uncle don't know Him either. as they struggle through this loss, would you please pray that God radically moves in their lives? would you pray that my sister, mom, and i would share Christ radically in our lives?

i'm sure i will blog more on this later as i move through the grief stages. for now, PLEASE join me on your knees as we intercede in order to make the name of Christ made known here.

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