Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a blog about nothing

so it hasn't been that long since i blogged last, but i needed to take a break from the never-ending cycle of homework. actually, i only have five tests, four presentations, three papers, and 1.5 clinical hours keeping me from being cindy steiger, bsn. After that, one more fairly large exam keeps me from being cindy steiger, rn. in the scope of things, that ain't too shabby.

during isp last night, we talked about contextualization. dude, i am SO excited to engage in a church planting movement that is contextualized to the culture, but SO scared of the responsibility! i was also convicted that i need to be more intentional about praying for what God has for me in the coming years. maybe i do need to move overseas now. maybe i'll end up in a place that encourages and teaches new grads well. or maybe not.

i guess i'm happy that i still have this beat inside of me that longs to be apart of the global push to tell others about Christ!

i feel as if i've done more NCLEX questions recently than spend time with Jesus. this is not okay, but "my" reality as of now.

i miss facebook. i know, pathetic. it seems as if i have more friend requests when i'm not on than when i am.

my friend has been blogging a lot about living with the things you need and examining her need to thing what she really needs. man, i suck at that. i suck at examining my life (one), weeding out things that have no significance to the Kingdom (two), and keeping those commitments (three).

welp. that's it, really. back to the in-service prep (oh joy).

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Jillian said...

1) I enjoyed this post.
2) I suck at those things too...especially the weeding out thing.
3) I'm really glad I saw you.
6) I love you :)