Thursday, March 11, 2010

my cup runneth over

today was, essentially, my last day in the hospital for my preceptorship hours.

i wasn't on my unit today because i scheduled some time with the director and assistant director of surgical services. i did admit one patient while they had a "disciplinary" meeting with a staff member and i loved it! while i missed the IV, it was still amazing to be back in the swing of things.

right before the director and the assistant director clocked out for lunch, someone informed them that one of my preceptors, (the charge nurse), needing to see the director in the lounge. so we moseyed down the hall and entered the lounge full of wonder as to what the charge needed to talk about.

instead of being approached by a serious conversation, we were approached by cake and a card. it was no one's birthday and no one was having a baby. it was for me. silly and awkward nursing student, cindy. words cannot describe how blessed i was by that moment.

and then i read the card. please believe, they were speaking my love language in those moments and with their words!!!

and then the director tells me they will have a job opening in out patient, the unit i worked on, in a couple of months, i.e. by the time i graduate.


it's unlikely that i'll stay down here, but seriously, what a blessing! to be affirmed in something that i have worked so hard for over the last four years brings unspeakable joy!

the best part: i know i could not have done ANY of it without the grace and faithfulness of the Lord. praise HIS name!

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