Thursday, March 25, 2010

the Church

most of you know that i am privileged to be part of a church plant-Hope Church of San Mateo. i'm thrilled!

but it's been super challenging.

while some of my christian studies classes have had us tackle the quesiton "what is church?" i still seem confused most days. building or no building? worship before or after the sermon? communion every sunday, once a month, or prn? these questions, while i may have no say in the matter, have been gnawing at me.

but God is so faithful!

in the last few months, i've had so much information about the church put on a nice platter right in front of me. here are some resources that i've been privileged with:
  • in isp training, we talked about church planting movements (CPM). we talked about how to be a part of one and its related responsibilities
  • my friend referred me to a blog and he often discusses what it is to be the church and what a Biblical church should look like
  • again, in isp we discussed the contextualization of the church. learning about what it takes to facilitate a Biblical, Christ-centered body is heavy; PTL for the Holy Spirit!
  • in church, we had a q&a time where the focus question was "what is the Church?"
the list goes on, but i am always amazed at how the Lord provides resources! i'm still freaked out. i don't know if that's from lack of trust in God or because the responsibility is great. nonetheless, i am grateful for the affirmation and the continued training that the Lord is providing.

the Church often talks about God providing things like money, resources, and people. while these things aren't wrong, i wish we would emphasize the Lord's provision of knowledge. as american christians, we are so blessed to have so much knowledge and resources about God all around. but i do pray we wouldn't be gluttons with it as we are so many other things. may we realize that we have been blessed and equipped for a purpose!

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