Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the past week

i know the week isn't over yet, but just wanted to tell y'all what's been going on:

  • i successfully got 5 IVs in one day!!! while i've blown two today and the day before, it is still something to be "proud" of.
  • my sister told me she might be fired. holler budget cuts. she asked me if i wanted to go overseas soon. sadly, i have 45,000 reasons keeping me here.
  • i will finish my capstone hours tomorrow (PTL!)
  • i started kaplan monday and feel like i'm gonna poop my pants whenever i think about taking the NCLEX
  • i registered to take the board exam!!!
  • i received link discussing graduation
  • after a convicting sermon, i'm praying about singing in church (multiple emotions mixed in this, but any prayer/words of wisdom to be offered are appreciated!)
  • i found an old song and cannot get it out of my head (Jesus Lord of Heaven)
  • in the aforementioned pursuit, i discovered phil wickman.
  • i've had thai food twice, always in great company.
  • prayed with some awesome people at clinical
i'm excited for what next week will bring, if God brings another week for me (inshallah). His loving-kindness is too amazing!

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