Thursday, March 25, 2010


ok, i'm a blog maniac today, but without facebook, i must convey my super exciting news!

so i hear once that a couple found a church they wanted to be a part of, moved there, and then found employment. i was convicted by their leap of faith and how they trusted the Lord to provide for them. i decided to adopt this model.

i started calling nurse recruiters today. it was fairly disappointing since all i got was voice mail after voice mail. i called the va in sf last, just cause it's not really my first choice.

but i actually got to talk to someone! and she sent me an application right then and there!

so, God is faithful, again-duh! although i am not guaranteed the job by any means, i needed the reassurance that He provides in His timing. (feel free to remind me of that statement if i am still jobless in august).

i would enlist your prayers as i enter "the real world." i feel so lost as i fill out applications and have no idea who to ask to be references and perfect my resume. wisdom would be great right about now.

side note: my new favorite quote is "oh no, he turn [the gun] sideways! skill shot
! that's a kill shot!" (from date night)

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