Sunday, May 30, 2010

goin blog crazy

it seems that blogging has been a really effective way for me to process what happened over the past few weeks. here are some bullet points that i feel inclined to share:

  • honey latte's are the bomb dot com. tried these bad boys the last few days in south asia and was blown away by their amazingness. i highly recommened adding honey to your misto/latte any day! 
  • i'm over living at home. there are many reasons that this is so, but a lot of the time i feel like it's because i have no privacy, no means of escape. as we speak, it's 6:23am and my dad is staring at me while i blog. also, i like the independence of being on my own. i get to make my own decisions and not worry about who else they are affecting. maybe that's why i'm still single too....

  • i miss being with like-minded people. sure, folks at church are awesome, but we don't always share the same views. i know this has it's benefits; i sure do learn a lot and am challenged to truly know what i believe. however, i miss being able to sit down with my three closest friends over a glass of water and talk about Jesus. i guess i took for granted how our similar life experiences, (cbu, same church, ra's, etc), have created a nice, even platform for chats. girls, know that it's killing me not being there with you!
  • i think i have this thing for the number four. i like being part of groups of four. i think it allows for good discussion and gives people the chance to be vulnerable and open, while also allowing for a chance to hear other points of view. i don't hate when i'm apart of a different size group, i think it's just my feng shui number. the ladies above are one example of a group of four. another is the ptc. good times.

  • i'm glad i'm single. i haven't been more than content with my singleness in a long time. i'm glad i've never dated and glad that i have no intention of doing so for a time because i don't need the added drama. life has enough with the addition of a member of the male-species to love.

  • i haven't run/jogged consistantly in about eight years. i wanted to continue the amazing cardio i had in the mountains, so i'm easing back into jogging. dude-my body is sore.

  • we did a strengths bombardment on my team the last few days we were in country. there were a lot of repeats for me, but here's what my team saw in me: leader, thoughtful, wholehearted, dedicated, faith, and patience. when i think of myself, these are rarely the attributes i would attribute to me. Jesus is amazing that he granted me the grace to display and live these with my team.

  •  i often am fearful of the future. i start work next week and i haven't guarded in two years. i have to study diligently for boards and take my exam. i have to apply for quite a few more jobs. i am fearful of doing these things. i was challenged while overseas that believers often proclaim the faithfulness of God after a situation is over and through the outcome Christ was on full display. but do we live in faithfulness during the season of waiting? this is my challenge. God has brought me through much for a purpose and plan. He who calls us is able.

  • a friend reminded me the importance of waiting. i want to be overseas right now. this was the hardest year for me to come back because i knew "real" life awaited me and i might as well start this thing called being an adult overseas. but i need to be faithful to the calling of the Lord, even while i wait. during the season of waiting, He will continue to refine me, to teach me, to be faithful. i eagerly await the Father to say, "it is time, child. now go."

  • my intuition tells me that i'm in a new season. and not just for the obvious reasons of being out of school for the first time in 20 years or even having to start a career. there is newness in the air. bring it, Jesus. i'm ready for a change.

until next time.

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Kimberlee Hartwig said...

Ok, first of all, WE MISS YOU TOO!!!! Can't you just come back? Second of all, after just finishing reading Radical, I feel that newness in the air too. I'm different. I've set my heart, passions, life anew (in a different way) to Christ and His kingdom. Not really sure how to explain what I feel. Guess cuz I'm a T. That's all :) Love you friend!