Thursday, May 27, 2010

mixed emotions

i just got back from serving three weeks in a very dark, hopeless country. after traveling for 24 hours and feel as if i've done drugs because of the jet-lag, here is my attempt at a blog to update y'all on the craziness called may.

serving with my team was amazing. as a whole, my fellow students and i were excited to serve and preach Christ whenever possible. we laughed and loved together. we cried and struggled together. we truly sharpened each other.

it gets harder for me to come back to the states each time i go. this time was even harder because there is nothing waiting for me here but loans. i think i have fallen in love with a new country and am earnestly praying about returning soon! i have faith that God will provide a necessary job so that i can pay off loans, gain skills, and work overseas. 

i was challenged with many things. obedience, love, simplicity...the list goes on. i was challenged by the deepening of friendships and the hope for them to continue inspite of the distance. i was challenged to lead in a sacrificial way, failing all too often. i was challenged to use my voice for the glory of the King, even when it was hard. i was challenged to stay focused despite one or two major distractions.

i still have a lot more to process, but i needed to blog so i could 1)stay awake a little longer and 2)process the mixed emotions that i'm experiencing.

until next time

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