Monday, May 3, 2010

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welp, it's offical. college grad i am.

friday and saturday were crazy. between pinning and graduation, family and friends, nursing friends and besties, it was, to say the least, overwhelming.

i am overwhelmed that i have finished college.

i am overwhelmed that i am a bsn.

i am overwhelmed with the love of friends and family.

i am overwhelmed that i was able to spend the last three years with such amazing people.

i am overwhelmed that i may never see some of those people again.

i am overwhelmed with unpacking.

i am overwhelmed with getting ready for South Asia.

i am overwhelmed with how God has changed and grown me over the last five years.

i am overwhelmed with where He will take me in the next five.

i am overwhelmed and amazed that the Lord has blessed me with godly friends, an incomparable education, and practical and beautiful knowledge about His global purpose.

there's much to do before i leave on thursday and, once again, i am left without much time to process life events. again, i will miss mother's day and life events of my dear friends. but, again, God has blessed me with the opportunity and ability to serve and speak of His name in dark places. i ask for your prayers as preparation is over and the battle will take place on a new front.

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