Tuesday, August 3, 2010

hot mess

for the past five summers, i've had some sort of illness or injury. they are always random and ridiculous, but somehow they seem to happen!

i worked at hume lake. it was a great summer, until i got the noro-virus and puked for about 12 hours straight. later that summer, i was also (aparently) exposed to whooping cough. my fellow fro-so workers and i had to take a lot of erythromycin, causing severe abdominal distress. good times.

i worked at the pool again. one day, i was so hot and tired after work, i fell asleep on our tiled dinning room floor. i ended up at the urgent care cause i could shake this tiredness and a cough. i had my first x-ray. diagnosis: pneumonia. pneumonia??? in the summer?! yep. community acquire pneumonia. i was out the rest of the summer.

once again, i found myself working at the pool. this year, i seniored and had to close most nights. this meant placing pool covers on both pools. while my staff usually  helped with the small pool, they weren't around the help with the large pool. one night, the coach of the team that was using our pool and i were putting on the covers. it gets kinda wet and i had new flip flops on, so i naturally fell on my wrist and tried to stop the advancing pool covers from killing me with the other. i ended up in the urgent care the next day. diagnosis: sprain.

and again, i was working at the pool. this summer was great because i didn't have to be down at cbu for student leader training and i had just spent two months in south asia. towards the end of the summer, i ended up in the urgent care. diagnosis: aerobic infection probably caused by a furuncle or carbuncle (aka really unpleasant). i had to pack the wound and be on two rounds of antibiotics. so attractive!

if you guessed that i worked at the pool this time, you'd be wrong. i worked for a little ole' jewish lady who followed a non denominational diet. although my job only required me to do minor lifting and household duties, i ended up moving her matress, scrubing walls, vaccuuming every other day, and dusting her prized collection of paintings. about two weeks into the job, i had severe pain in my right wrist. diagnosis: carpal tunel. diagnosis: tendonitis with bursitis. diagnosis: ganglion cyst. thankfully, the last diagnosis was the truth, but that bad boy has been with me ever since.

i am titch skeptical about writing anything here yet. so much could happen still. but this is what has happened. i was trying to fix some pool covers because they had gotten twisted by the wind. a co-worker and i almost had it when another gust of wind sent the pool covers and the crank that i was holding onto flying. the crank flew right into my right hand (three times) before landing on my foot. after being asked if i needed to fill out workmen's comp and begging never to see that paperwork again, i went home. two weeks later, cyst free! the crank had landed on my cyst, finally rupturing the balloon like sack.

anyway, i thought these were hillarious stories. not sure if you will, but it's proof enough that i am one hot mess.

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when i was reading this i said "oh cindy" out loud.