Monday, August 30, 2010

poop and penises

these two words pretty much sum up my first day on the floor as a real life registered nurse. and i'm not sorry if i offended anyone by using them. i'm a nurse and nurse talk is part of who i am. so calm down.

here's a quick list of things i saw and/or learned today:
  • i saw more poop and penises today than my entire life combined.
  • cna's work their butts off and i hope i will never take them for granted!
  • just cause you rename a nursing home, doesn't make it any less a nursing home. the smell, for one, is always the same.
  • if someone ever has to wipe my butt for me, shoot me. or at least send me somewhere where i can enjoy the scenery.
  • heard about a man who isn't able to use his body (a quadriplegic, for any medical folk out there). but this didn't happen to him because he was in a war. nope, he was shot by some gang. alright then.
  • hospital food is gross. don't try to say it's good cause that would be lying, and we all know what happens to liers....

the next year-ish is going to be one of the hardest of my life. i have to work with people who have nothing else but this nursing home and most will die there. in my feeler state of late, i can't help but wonder where their families are and how they must be feeling. ugh. i wish i could write more on that, but then i just might start crying. the role of the rn is different than i imagined. basically, i'll be passing meds. yep, that's about it.

but ke garne?

i humbly ask you to pray for me. pray that i will be bold and gentle in sharing the gospel with the residents of this facility. pray that i will remember to pray for these men who despirately need Jesus. pray that i will extend grace and peace to these who are suffering and dying physically and spiritually.

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Jillian said...

Steigs. I can't wait to read your future nurse posts. This was hilarious and awesome. I loved it. PRAYING FOR YOU!