Saturday, August 21, 2010


i just finished my first week of my first full time job! i am still in awe of the King because i feel so inadequit to be where i am, serving this patient population with such talented people. truly the Lord has provided me with this opportunity and place of service to display His mighty strength through my immense weakness!

i've had a lot of ish i've been dealing with this week as well. for starters, my gammy ended up in the hospital for three nights and then needed a pacemaker. my mom is having surgery on monday. these are just a couple of things, but my heart is heavy with a few others.

this song came on my ipod today and i hadn't listend to it in almost a year. now, i can't stop listening to it! i was blown away by the rich lyrics. Jesus, you are wonderful!

how sweet the stream, unfailing grace, it sactifies my soul
this steady peace shall never cease to fill that fateful hole.
lead me to the banks of life and let me drink and stay
as the deer is panting near, Lord help me find a way.

what violent waves of timid faith sow seeds of doubt and fear
i call to Christ who takes my hand, He always draws me near.
He leads me to the bank of life and lets me drink and stay,
and as the deer is panting near, Lord help me do the same.

return me to the river deep, the purest fount i know.
His glory stands, his gentle hand shall never let me go.

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