Wednesday, September 1, 2010

sexual harassment?

today was by far my favorite day at work thus far. i got to follow an rn, pass some meds, and meet lots of people! my kinda day for sheez.

here are some highlights (or lowlights, depending on your sense of humor):

  • my nurse is amazing! she explained everything, and was in general a fantastic nurse! she has both a serious and funny side, so i think we're gonna get along just fine! tomorrow, she said i could care for a patient fully on my own!!!!
  • one of the patients today has dementia. he asked me if bingo was today, then if the orgy was later that day. verbal reaction: no. in-my-head reaction: EXCUSE ME!?!?! later, he asked me to give him mouth-to-mouth. verbal reaction: no. in-my-head reaction: HELL NO!!!!
  • while charting in the hall, a patient strolled by in his hip wheelchair. i smile and said good morning. his response: "hey there, beautiful." while that's fact, i was still taken off guard.
  • two family members today addressed me as nurse, to which i responded, "yes? how can i help you?' i'm a real-live nurse!!!
  • i saw a guys wound get changed. i wish i could share more, but i can't. essentially his skin was in need of a dressing change from his knee to the toes. i had to leave the room because i almost passed out from the smell.
  • one of my patients is receiving over 1000mg of morphine as ordered! this does not include the over 1000mg he has prn (as needed). (just in case you were wondering, that's a lot of morphine!)
  • there's this one patient who has a great sense of humor. i was helping him with his meds and i spilt some water on his shirt and he proceeded to give me a bad time. no problem; my bad. as i'm leaving the room, he calls out, "hey, you've gotta nice ass." alrighty then.
so there you have it. 

eat your heart out betsy. 


formerly known as emj said...

this day was even more exciting than monday

rachel said...

thank you so much for sharing. this just made my day.

Jamie said...

I love your blog and your sense of humor and willingness to share your exciting new job!