Tuesday, September 21, 2010

embrace the inner feel-er

this is a shout-out to my thinker friend. we are the two thinkers of our group of friends and we pride ourselves on our ability to rationalize and reason through circustances and situations.

well, you know what they say about pride....

i've blogged about this topic a lot this summer, but it is so foreign to me, that i don't know what else to do. but i'm embracing the feeling part of me-i think.  today on my way to work, i was singing along to Jesus paid it all. i paused for a minute and then my heart overflowed with love and worship for this mighty Savior. do we really get this? Jesus- God-incarnate-became like us-sinful, wicked, disgusting people-to bare God's wrath for my sins that i might be reunited with God; that many would be reunited with God; that we may spend everything in worship to the One who is worthy. i couldn't help but cry with utter indescribablity!

when faced with the reality of who i am before this Beautiful, Mighty God, how can i not have an emotional response? and then, when i think about how much this God loves His creation and His glory that He redeemed us, how can i not weep?

so i am embracing my inner feel-er. kimber, i think you should too

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Kimberlee said...

Oh, don't worry. I've cried enough tears for the both of us today.