Sunday, September 5, 2010

the radical experiment

i don't write this blog to please men or make myself look spiritual. i write this blog for two reasons: 1)for accountability and prayer as i commit to this "experiment" and 2)as a sort of ebeneezer, that i might look back and remember the faithfulness of God.

i'm almost finished with radical, but i couldn't sit still anymore because i was so excited about what dr. platt offers in the last chapter.

his proposal, in short: spend the next year of your life living radically for Christ by doing 5 things.

1.  pray for the entire world
2. read through the entire scripture
3. sacrfice your money for a specific purpose
4. spend your time in another context
5. commit your life to multiplying community

this is no formula. it's simply living in the reality of Christ.

and it doesn't really seem all that radical, does it? read the scriptures, pray, go, make disciples. isn't this what Christ has commanded us to do anyway? so this year, a year that will be incredibly difficult and distracting as i continue to gain understanding of nursing, am part of a church plant, am constantly desiring to go, have family-ish always, and as life simply happens, i commit to live "radically" for the cause of Christ.

God, i am filled with excitement that You have provided such an "experiment" that You might prove Your faithfulness and continue to foster in me a deep love for You. i know this year will not be perfect in the world's eyes, but i know You are molding me into the image of Your Son. thank You!!! i know that i have granted the joy of not only believing on You, Jesus, but also to suffer for You. Lord, grant me abundant grace to live obediently through all circumstances!

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Kimberlee said...

Thank you for reminding me about this. I really need to get back to doing #1. I've been so focused on my own ppl group that I've forgotten the rest of the world. We can keep each other accountable!