Friday, September 24, 2010

October Pre-Thoughts

ya know, it's kinda like a pre-test. only there's no test, really. the month of october is gonnna busy. i have three weddings to go to in the southern part of the state, i'm going to a work/outreach day in sacramento, i will start functioning essentially independently at work, and hope will "launch." (please believe, there's lots to be done on this front). so i wanted to give a few pre-thoughts. i will re-assess october once it's already happened.

while excitement and joy surround this month, i enter it with some apprehension.

after being out of town for a mere two weekends in a row, i was real tired at work and it was hard to engage there. i'm nervous i'll make a serious med error or get fired or something. oh well, ke garne? 

i'm also nervous because of all of the weddings. don't get me wrong, i'm so excited for my friends who are tying the knot, but i just get weird when during "wedding season." in all honesty, i loose focus on Christ and i begin to wonder what it would be to be married. (kimber, i hear you now, "marriage isn't unbiblical! and to think about it isn't, either!" yes, i know, but it's the distraction that i can't stand). i loathe being single during those times and time praying is spent praying for me and my "needs" instead of those who really need it. so as i was reading irresistabl revolution, shane reminded me of something simple. Jesus was single. dude, all of my praying to be "more like Jesus" i guess is paying off. so i pray and earnestly hope, that i would remember this and would rejoice!

it also seems like i'm spending so much money. and as the end of october approaches, so does the end of the grace period for loans. money is something i suck at, but i'm looking forward to what it is to learn to be a good, faithful, and giving steward.

that's all for now. looking forward to the post-october thoughts.

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Kimberlee said...

Am I really THAT predictable?? lol