Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011: addendum

it seems like i missed a few things from my latest blog, so i'd like to take a moment to clarify.

God has made it possible for me to love Him, and i want and long to love Him wholeheartedly, as the psalmist talks about all too often. but i just don't. i am easily distracted by toys, friendships, and my own selfishness. i don't like it and i refuse to waste anymore of this gift of life consumed in things not of Jesus. ok, i know i will fall short of this standard. please believe, i know. but i am resolved to be proactive in this change, relying on the abundant grace of our Lord. 

i desire to dive deep into the depths of God. i have high expectations that He will take me there and that i will feast and be satisfied with Him. 

i have prayed to have certain distractions removed-and God has said no. other distractions i embrace with apathy, not realizing how much they keep me from spending time with the Worthy One. God has said to be content with weakness so that His strength will be revealed. i am easily distracted and i trust in the faithfulness of God to reveal His strength.

i hope this clarifies why i am doing what i am doing this next year. truly, it will be a time of grace, struggle, and joy. i am excited and nervous. moreover, i am overwhelmed with the wonder that God still chooses to love me and mold me, and that He has called me His own.

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