Sunday, December 12, 2010


it's been almost 3 years since i started blogging. this blog marks my 300th post.


i know people blog multiple times a day and have way  more interesting things to say than me, and i know others think that blogging is a waste of time. but i am grateful for blogging (and my friends who put up with it!).

in reviewing some of my past blogs, here's what i've learned about myself:

  • i am a selfish, spoiled child. i know what i want and i expect to get what i want. when it doesn't happen, i mope. in this past season of life, i know God isn't giving me what i want 1)to reveal His perfect timing and 2)to break me of this brat-syndrome. 
  • i am a controll freak! i have a plan and i will do whatever i can to see it through. it's a disease, really. i know that God has broken me of control in certain ways, but i still have a long way to go in other things.
  • i have amazing friends! again and again, i see how the Lord has blessed me with godly friendships so that we might sharpen each other for the kingdom. i am always blown away that God will give me such amazing friends!
  • i am stupid. again and again and again, the Lord has proved faithful in my life. and over and over and over again i think trusting in my plan is a good idea. really? sounds like proverbs 26:11 to me.

these are just a few observations and i'm sure there are tons more, but i guess those will come out in blogs to come...

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