Friday, December 31, 2010

just call me josie

(NOTE: this post is being published 2 days early due to lack of internet over the next few weeks)

as in josie grossie from never been kissed. today (1/2), this is officially me. i mean, we had some things in common before:

we are both blondes and look great in pink.

we both have no sense of style.

we both suck at communicating verbally and prefer the written word.

we both have awkward pasts.

we are both big dreamers.

and, as of today, we are both 25 and have never been kissed.

i know, i just compared myself to a fictional character, but truth is truth. i think the best part about this comparison is that i can laugh about it (and i hope you do too). sure, we have similarities, but we have quite a few differences, too. the two major differences: i'm a real person, and i am loved and love the Creator of all. so as this birthday brings some harsh realities to my life, i find a simple and perfect comfort in the sustaining and perfect love of the God of all, my Abba.

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rachel said...

cindy, you are cool. happy birthday. (two days early.)