Friday, December 3, 2010

grace in weakness

The past 3 days have been the most difficult work days of my life. During that time, my prayer was fvor God to get me out of the situation i felt thrown in. I felt like a failure; and honestly, still do. I dread going to work this morning.

But then i read 2 cor. 12:1-10, specifically 7-10. No, i have had no special revelation, but i do become proud so easily. How the Lord hit me over the head this am! I may plead to remove trials and difficulties that i face, but He is using them to make me more like Jesus!

Today, i am weak. I am tired, i am anxious, i am a failure.

But today, i see that the Lord has allow such definitions of myself in order to reveal His strength and glorify Himself! Praise be to God, for using such a sinner for His purpose!
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