Wednesday, February 6, 2008

friendship (again)

super tuesday has come and gone. clinton one ca and i for one am shocked, but it was close. mccain's win in ca also surprising, however, i am glad that romney didn't win.

what brings me a-bloggin' this evenin' is friend stuff. lo, i really appreciated what you said about friendship being contrary to our nature and i am so down with that. but i just need to know, why do friendhships suck sometimes???? why am i suck friend???? what possess me to be a suck friend???? and for that matter, what makes others to be suck friends???? (yes, i'm putting blame on others, no matter how "un-christian" that is!!!)

i know i know. i am just really mad. no, pissed. i want to understand why things can't get resolved or why we, those who claim to be in Christ, don't resolve things? we just pretend like nothing is wrong and go on with our lives knowing very well that something is wrong and all parties involved know it!!!! do we really think it's easier to just let things hang by a wet thread and wait for the one moment, the one circumstance for it to snap and everything to be destroyed?!? what the crap are we so afraid of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rather, what the crap am I so afraid of??!??!?!?!?!?

AHHHHH! i feel like blogging wouldn't be necessary if i lived in the woods and i could walk around and scream and detox.

i know i am just blowing off steam, but really, i mean what i say in many degrees. this is one of those times i just want to swear.


raychill said...

me and my friend lisa totally had this hill we would walk up. once we got to the top we would scream our heads off. and i think we should take a trip there.

kitten said...

haha i get it.
i kind of just wrote a blog like this don't even need to read mine to understand how i'm feeling.