Friday, February 15, 2008

some clarity.....potentially

if you are a frequent visitor to this blog you will have read the last blog and read some of my recent distress. i don't think the "situation" has completely resolved, but i definitely feel clarity approaching. it's like i've been seeing fuzzy for the past week or so, (maybe even my whole life), and finally i'm getting some specs in order to see the world in the right perspective. i don't think the specs are quite the right prescription, but soon. i would appreciate prayer in this area. i so desire to follow Christ in a true way, but it's crazy to think that i haven't been. that my focus has been on other things, such worldly gross things for so long. anyway. again, all of this may seem so random, but that's just what it is.

i still earnestly pray that i would have a deeper horror of sin and its approach as wells as of holiness in all aspects of all. Also, i long for a sweeter time in His word and with Him. oh, i desire that Christ alone be seen in me; i have so far to go.

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