Thursday, February 28, 2008

my residents

i know that diane has recently posted a similar blog and this is in no way meant to copy her in a hurry before my residents get mad, but seriously, what a blessing are my residents?!?

i went into this school year wondering how it was going to top last year-i mean what could beat 2D? i had no idea what to expect, except that God is amazing and was going to do something amazing, (even if it didn't seem like it to me at any given moment).

i will admit that i have struggled this year with being an ra and having to be intentional and having to fight my selfish tendencies, but hope that i have grown and learn through the circumstances and will continue to do so, (cause, shoot, we still got 2 months together :)).

my residents challenge me to be more like Christ. who could ask for anything more? they challenge me to love, to be transparent, to hold my tongue, to be intentional no matter what the circumstances of the day has brought. while i have other people in my life who do this, it's almost like i should expect this kind of behavior from them, but how overwhelmed i am to have found it in my residents. now don't get me wrong, 2D was amazing and my girls from that year are amazing and i still love them, but something is different about this year. that's all, just different.

to you ladies, i bid my thanks; a more gracious and deeper thanks than you may know. love you!


Holly Strand said...
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Holly Strand said...

aww....we love you and appreciate you so much!! Thanks for being most amazing RA ever! You make our lives fun:)

Fondue party tonight...pretty stoked about it:)

raychill said...

im glad i got to be part of the awesome 2d hall, and our sweet cottage family.