Saturday, February 2, 2008


i had my first pedicure a little over a month ago. i never really liked the thought of someone touching my feet or looking at my nails. i mean, they are quite disgusting. but finally i caved in and for my birthday my sister took me to get a pedicure. it was amazing!
but it's been a month and i needed another pedicure. i struggled with getting another one since i just bought a plane ticket home and honestly, have very little money in my bank account. but my nails look BAD! but there was more than just a monetary issue here for me. i have a serious moral issue with getting a pedicure. i mean, i'm paying someone to touch my feet. in "Bible times" it was a disgrace to touch people's feet and even in some cultures today feet are still a sign of disrespect. i know this is america and feet aren't disrespectful here, but most of the people doing the pedicures are not american by heritage (not to be racist or stereotypical), but it seems that maybe that is disrespectful to them. that's another thing! why is it ALWAYS the asian ladies doing people's nails??? do white ladies think they are too good?

anyway, i struggle with these things when i get my pedi....well, the two times i've gotten a pedi. i got it anyway and ended up with cute flowers on my toes, (for $8 more). i'd love to hear thoughts.


raychill said...

in cambodia and its neighboring countries (vietnam) family members go straight into the family business. and everything is clustered together... you want tires? you go to the street that everyone is selling tires on. row after row of tires.
it just carried over. a good majority of the nail salons are owned by vietnamese families. and the families offer jobs to friends and family members who want to move to america to work. there were alot of vienamese immigrants right after the vietnam war and acrilics were also invented around this time.

these combined factors help to explain the niche that they have established.

raychill said...

my fired did an paper for econ on this topic. i thought it was interesting.

deanna said...

I understand. I have a hard time getting pedicures. Not gonna lie...I do love the way my little toes look after they have just been freshly polished, but the idea of someone else touching my toesies is bizarre. Man, I thought I was the only one who ever thought about why it is usually only asain people who have so masterfully taken up this art form...weird as well, but Rachel's comments seem to make sense! Hmm...I don't know.