Thursday, January 31, 2008

Obama '08?

i had also had this belief that Mr. Obama, democratic candidate running for president in 2008, was a Muslim. This was one of the main reasons that i did not want to vote for him. this is not to say that i have anything against Muslims, rather in a time when there is so much hostility between our nation and the Muslim nations, especially those in the middle east, i feel as if that would not have been the most wise decision. i also have other reasons considering mr. obama, but we can discuss those another time. i was talking with a friend and she mentioned that besides the abortion "issue" she was considering voting for obama. i was shocked! somehow i brought up the Muslim thing and she piped up and said, "but that's the thing, he isn't a Muslim. He proclaims Christ as most than a prophet which no Muslim would do." please believe i had to do a double take. i had also learned that he was a Muslim. she recommended that a read a q&a done by christianity today. here's the link after reading it, i think obama just went to the top of my list.

and i NEVER thought i would say that, but i guess tha
t's what this election has been about.

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kitten said...

hahahahaha. that picture....

i totally know what you mean with the muslim thing...a lot of people (senior citizens especially) are buying into this whole "the muslims are trying to infiltrate the gov using obama" thing and forwarding these dumb emails but that's good you learned the truth about him.

he seems so cool. i wish we could have friendship with him. i'd take him hands down over hillary any day, and probably over most of the the republican candidates.