Sunday, January 27, 2008

Holy Spirit

francis chan spoke one night and talked about about the Holy Spirit. it was basically the same talk he gave when he was at cbu, but i thought, how has this impacted my life? have i changed? "no," i thought. in fact, i think i have veered farther from the truth of the Spirit since listening to paul washer so much. i pray that my life would be consumed by the Holy Spirit and that i would allow Him to work instead of myself.

at the last session, joelle and i heard these guys talking behind us. apparently they had heard some guys talking at dinner and one of them had never heard about the Holy Spirit before. did you catch that? NEVER heard about the Holy Spirit and he considered himself a follower of Christ Jesus. whoa; hold the phone. something is wrong with the "evangelical movement" if the Spirit of our Lord is cut out of its teachings. francis is right. if we are truly living by the Spirit, how radically different should our lives be?

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Jillian McLaughlin said...

whoa. hold the phone.

my favorite part of this whole blog :)