Sunday, January 27, 2008

in the name

i think i heard this phrase used more than any other this weekend. "in the name of Jesus..." "heal them in the name of Jesus" "change them in the name of Jesus"

i dunno. we are to ask things in the name of Christ, but i also felt that they people were using the name of our Lord so flippantly. people misuse His name so much i mean, it's used to swear all the time. what about us in the church? we don't even know the magnitude of what we are saying when we use His name. do we truly realize what power His name holds? merely speaking His name casts out demons! powerful!
i once heard a speaker say that he doesn't say "Jesus" or "Christ" by themselves because the names have lost their majesty in our culture. he always referred to the Savior as "our Lord Jesus Christ" or "our Lord." i think he's right in a lot of ways. we say "Jesus" so much, but don't even know what it means. i hope my heart is convicted.

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