Sunday, January 27, 2008

Passion 08::LA

i signed up for this conference and i had no idea what to expect. i was tired and stressed with school and was trying to prep for a long week, but i had paid $50 to go to this conference in la. i packed my stuff and got on a bus headed to la with the rest of the cbu passion bound. amanda and i started the trip out right-listening to paul washer. it was great. i feel as if she gained some understanding into my crazy head over the past few months, and it was one i hadn't heard yet, so i got to learn some new stuff too. we get to our hotel and we are staying at the willshire grand-yeah, nice for sure. we were on the 14th floor and had to use our cards in the elevator in order to ouch the button! the room was nice and the view was better. it was crazy to look out over a city so void of Christ. we spent a bit of time exploring between the conference center and the hotel, but were just excited for the conference to get started. i really didn't have high expectations. i mean, it's called passion-it has got to be lib. the legistics: there were four main sessions, one friday night and three on saturday with random breaks in between. louie g. and francis c. rotated speaking and chris tomlin, matt redman, and (my personal fav), david crowder lead us in some pretty fab corporate worship. passion is going worldwide so they encouraged us to give money for their stop in Jakarta. they are also a part of a building water wells in africa so people can have clean water and maintain life, since so much death happens because of unclean water. they also asked us to bring socks and towels to give to the surrounding shelters. wow. this is a organizations i can get behind. but there's more. God's name was boldly proclaimed. God was spoken about in truth, as a God of love AND justice; a God that loves His people-all people, but doesn't beg; a God so wanting His own glory.

it was great fun, but also convicting and heart wrenching. there are more details below.

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