Sunday, January 27, 2008


yes. its true. while this may be the most ridiculous blog i post about the last forty eight hours, i do feel that it is has some importance. i love beards. i'm not talking about a nasty beard or an overgrown beard, but a good beard. beards are hott, no lie. i mean, common, a guy with a beard is a true man.

i also have this thing for jewish guys. ok, not practicing jews, but those who are either jewish by heritage or now jews for Jesus. maybe it's a stereotype that i love, but whatever. it's kind of a weird thing, but it's what it is.

so i went to passion excited to worship God w
ith worship leaders whose music had really touched my life over the past few months. the first leader and his band were on stage and i had no idea who it was because i had never seen pictures of any of the leaders before. it turned out to be chris tomlin. it was cool. we worshiped and it was quite amazing and then louie came out and spoke, also surprisingly nice. then, someone walked out on stage with this amazing beard and semi-affro, looking very much like a nerd. he grabbed a guitar and the band started playing a familiar song of david crowder. could this be? could this actually be? we the guitar playing, beard wearing, jewish-looking man, david crowder???? well, in the spirit of honesty, i had to check myself who i was worshiping during a lot of that set. i felt like i was in jr. high all over again-gross.

while most of the jr. high crush on david crowder has diminished, i think i have fallen more in love with the words of his music and with Jesus because of it.


kitten said...

shia is jewish!!!

raychill said...

i liked the way you ended this.