Friday, January 11, 2008


in psychology class i learned that an aspect of having friends is how available they are. if someone is around a lot, then the more likely you are to be friends with them. sadly, as i look back on the past few years, i have seen some AMAZING friendships dwindle because we just aren't close.
now, not that i don't agree with the liberal psychological scholars of our day, but is availability just an excuse to not keep tabs on old friends? shouldn't we desire greatly to keep in touch with loved ones no matter where they are? or, do we really need friends physically present in order to maintain good, lasting friendships? or am i just a bitter person needing a place to vent her thoughts?

the latter is probably the answer.


lo said...

its so easy to give up on friendships whether you spend a lot or a little time on them. We are humans and we screw up and make our friends mad by the little things we do that drive people crazy.
i dont think im making sense so i will try to be more clear. Friendship is something that you have to work at just like any relationship it doesnt generally come easy. if it did it wouldnt be worth it. No matter if your friends are close or far if you desire to have a relationship with them you must work at it :)

Cinders said...

thanks lo. i don't think i had thought about that before: friendship is contrary to our nature and it is something we must work at. thanks :)