Saturday, January 12, 2008


i had a wonderful visit with some "old" friends today. it seems like forever since we saw each other and while 2 years is quite a long time, we have only been friends for three. it is amazing that friendships can grow so deep in such a sort amount of time and that God has allowed us continue in this friendship despite life and circumstances; for this i am truly blessed.

friendship. while the context of this word has been used in a cheesy and flippant way in my life over the past year and a half, i think that the meaning of this word is becoming every more important and vivid in my mind. Merium-Webster online defines friendship as "the quality or state of being friends." at first i was quite upset by this definition. i mean common, can we get over defining words with the route word! but then i thought about it a bit longer and began to realize that i do like the definition. friendship is about a quality and about being. so often i have made friendship about other verbs like give, love, play, write, call, etc. when in reality it is simply about being. now, being can lead produce these other actions and hopefully it will, but ultimately it starts with just being. the definition also talks about quality. when my friends came to visit today i didn't just want to sit and watch a movie with them, rather i wanted to spend glrious moments of conversation with them. in fact, i could have been content just to sit and be with them. i think that's what friendship is all about.

i think this is, or at least should be, a reflection of our relationship with Christ. While He is the Lord and God Almighty, He has also called us to dwell in His presence and simply be. then, through all of the be-ing, (the quality be-ing of course), we can then learn to bring other things as offerings and sacrifices.

now, if only i could get this through my thick skull!


raychill said...

yay friendship.

TheAlmondTreeGrl said...

holy crap cindy! you've had a blog for like, 3 days and you've written so much! i am Impressed! Janai has had hers for a month and shes only written twice! you need to teach her your ways!