Friday, January 18, 2008


no, not paul the apostle, paul washer. although i would draw a similar comparison, (unless that is heresy). this man's teaching has rocked my world because it is not his teaching, it is Biblical teaching. in order to understand where i'm coming from you have to listen. he's on youtube, so check it out at the link below.

Not Ashamed of the Gospel (this had some trouble loading, but uh, is probably amazing)

The True Meaning of the Cross(don't mind the graphics and poor sound quality)

i made a friend listen to him the other day and she asked me "oyu like him? he's really monotone." really? i honestly had never noticed. i was too drawn in by the powerful and truthful message that he shared. this is the kind of preaching that i long for. i long for teachers that will stop trying to entertain us or apologize for the Biblical truth they will share, (especially when it isn't even that Biblical). oh how i long for teachers of God's holy Word to teach it with truth and power so that we as the rest of the church may know the truth.

mr. washer speaks to the magic prayer issue in some of his sermons. man, that's how i accepted Christ and that's how i was taught to lead people to Christ. in reality, it is about repentance, no matter how long it takes! oh that i may understand repentance more and more!


raychill said...

i am downloading his sermons as i type. (because its not as we speak.)

Katrina Blank said...

you're cute. love you much!!! and i miss you too!!! lets do lunch soon. i typically have mondays & tuesdays free... let me know! :)