Wednesday, January 30, 2008


this week i've said goodbye to a few things. i got rid of my facebook. i feel relieved, but also feel unsure about what to do when i go online-weird. but honestly, i say good riddens-too much wasted time. next to go will hopefully be the tv.

the next farewell was more of a collective bidding on the part of the republican party as mr. giuliani step out of the GOP presidential running. once again, good riddens. the party needs less candidates running so that the party has a better idea of who to choose from. i know i know. i is not part of our political system you say. let's get real people. our political system is not all flowers and butterflies like we thought. i mean, have you seen mr. smith goes to washington? corruption rules our fallen government and that means that the idealism is completely gone. the point, give us two or three GOP front runners in the primaries and let the party choose between them instead of trying to divi up votes between five or six candidates.

my last goodbye is really a say you later. that's right-see y'all later!

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