Tuesday, January 8, 2008

mauren soup

Have you ever had mauren soup or cup of noodle soup? it is truly amazing despite the incredible amounts of sodium and MSG. today and i ventured to Ikea and Winco foods with some friends and it was quite amazing. we definitely got lost going to ikea, but it turned into a happy accident because we landed at barnes and noble and i was able to get the calendar i had been wanting for quite some time as well as directions to ikea. we hopped back in the car and headed to ikea. If i could describe the next hour and a half in one word it would be OVERWHELMING. it was amazing, though, because i got some nice hand towels for a good price-a much needed purchase! once we were finished there, courtney got us some frozen yogurt and we peaced out to WinCo, just a few minutes back towards school. once again, we got lost, but once again, it turned into a happy accident. we found a drive through starbucks and got some refreshments, (yum!). we finally arrived at WinCo and wonders of low-priced foods awaited! we walked around and had a marvelous time. we got to the ile of that had "ethnic" food. it was quite fun. as we walked down the the row of foods from all over the world, i stopped dead in my tracks. "what is this?" i thought. it was mauren wanton soup!!! and only 32 cents. courtney had to talk me into purchasing this culinary wonder, but i did.

we returned to cbu and my tummy was grumbling. i thought "heck, why not try this mauren wanton soup?" so i did. it was quite delicious! but i seemed to have boiled the water a bit too much. i sadly burned my tongue on this instant wonder of the world. will i venture into the land of instant wanton again? i dunno. what i do know is that my tongue hurts real bad.

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