Monday, March 9, 2009


it's not about the title this time, simply the blog.

someone approached me about my last blog, somewhat concerned. i didn't mean to arose that emotion by any means. i am fine but the weekend was harder than i expected. while i do NOT doubt the holy and just LORD, i am still broken over the death of this man. i still want to cry once in a while, but that is part of grieving. the Bible talks about all of the saints rejoicing when evil is banished into hell and i'm sure i will rejoice when in heaven too, but until sanctification is in full effect, my perspective i think will sadly remain skewed. i still grieve for this man because he did not fall in love with the magnificent God and Father. it makes me want to shout from the roof tops even more-and maybe that's the purpose of such a death.

i thank you for your prayers. while i may not have done much, my family was definitely a light to this man's family, especially his wife.

i feel so old saying this, but life is so surreal and time seems to pass so quickly! i pray that the Lord would give me the ability to change my mindset of what i think is my time to His time. i pray that He would give me the ability to surrender more and more of wasted moments to Him, so that time would be consumed with Him for His glory among San Mateo, Riverside, and all the nations of the world.

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