Monday, March 23, 2009


today when i got back from winco with kimber, i went to makin my own trail mix. i decided to listen to a sermon since i had been hit hard by the words of mr. piper earlier in the morning regarding the "achilles heal" of the modern generation. i chose a Paul Washer sermon since i hadn't listen to him in some time and chose one entitled "bibleical manhood." i don't know what i expected. to fit more on my "list" for the perfect man? certainly not! but i seem to glean so much from such sermons and since it was a mere 50mins, i gave it a whirl.

why was this preached at a conference merely for men? do women not also need to be reminded of their responsibilities to families and the calling of Christ? i understand mr. washer's point, but i resonated with so much of what he said. in fact, the definition that he gave for a godly man is one that i strive for in my own life. i don't think it is restricted merely to the male sex. i'm not trying to blurr gender roles or to mix-up the wonderful and divine plan of the Lord, but women, too, need to have powerful words spoken into their lives about truth and not always about rainbows and butterflies.

mr. washer gave an example of how he longed to be back in an overseas context, recognizing that the dificulty of those circumstances are all too often easier than the difficulty of apathy encounter in the u.s. he proceeded to call men to the field, to which i say, mr. washer, please do not forget that women also resonate deeply with what you are saying and cannot wait for the difficulties that await in distant lands.

i know this blog would be better if i could quote what he said, but i don't have time at the moment. the teeth must be scrubbed and rest for the eyes must be gained.

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