Monday, March 2, 2009

i know, i know

i know i've been blogging about india a lot, but i can't help it. lately, i know God is calling me into check about whether or not i am consumed with this place because His praises are not being sung or because i am obsessed with the culture. i'm still processing through this, so yea.

since i'm not facebooking, i sadly found myself waisting time with the application "stumble," (again, another blog in itself). i happened upon the following picture:

basically, it's a whole lot of indians on a hillside; there is such longing and curiosity on their faces. i couldn't stop thinking about Jesus teaching thousands of people daily and what that must of looked like. i think it looked something like this. people were desparate for something other than the religiousity of the time and the words and lifestyle that Jesus offered/s was truly radical. indians need this. fear and relgion runs their lives, but there is a longing for something different.i recognize that the Lord can tell people about Himself in anyway He chooses, but for the most part, He has choosen us. so these people are just waiting, waiting for us to trust God and say, "here am i, send me."

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Holly Strand said...

ok so the funny thing about this post is that i saw Rachel looking at it one day and all I saw was the picture. I told her, "Cindy would LOVE that picture!" lol and then she told me that it was your blog:)

love you.