Sunday, March 22, 2009

spring break, etc.

i'm mostly unpacked and have the final load of laundry in the drier after this crazy whirlwind of a spring break. kimber and i left on friday afternoon and headed up 101 to my house. we left tuesday around noon and headed to her house in clio. on friday afternoon, we went south to my roommate's house in bishop. this morning we left bishop at 4:50am so we could be in riverside by 10am for church. mission: accomplished. three houses, countless highways and freeways, one trip to yummy yogurt, and one ticket later, and we are back. as with most breaks, minimal homework was completed, but much needed friendship time was had. here are some pics.

in san fran

at kimber's

pulled over

to bishop

with jen and kimber at a show in bishop

as i sit watching the incredible cheesey mama mia, i am reminded of some things God has been teaching me and emphasized over break, (i know, a strange time for me to remember the Lord....)
  • 1) just wait. i think i've listened to a dozen sermons a waiting in the last few weeks, not to mention the countless scriptures that scream to wait on God. i know i will continue to dream and hope for things in the future-it is a chronic condition with me-but i hope that the Lord will continue to change my thinking so that my focus is on things of the eternal.
  • 2) sacrifice and suffering are good. i have forgotten this somewhere in the last few years. slowly, like the frog boiling water, i lost an eternal perspective and a Godly perspective in terms of suffering and sacrifice. i pray that God will restore my previous understanding and grow it.
  • 3) trust Him. i hate not having control and i was stretched a lot this week because i couldn't drive any where. i had to trust not only the driver but God. my dependence was on others and i therefore ran to the Lord. as the song goes, "i reliquish control, i can't find peace on my own, so i lay down my life at the foot of Your throne."
  • 4) talking about the things of God produces sweet times and deepens friendship. i long for the days when that is life. now, please refer back to #1
that's what's been going on. i know it's not super detailed, but common on! it's the internet after all! the laundry is finished now, so i'm off to run some errands. then to the dreaded homework....i'm not so sure i'm gonna make it to next semester... (please see numbers 2 and 3).

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