Friday, October 16, 2009

i just can't wait

i know i've been blogging like crazy the past few days, but it seems to be a good way to express what i'm feeling.

over the past few days, my love and longing for india have been renewed. i want to go back so badly, i truly cannot contain this desire as of late. so, God allowed the psycho reiki lady came to our class and reminded me about the seriousness of the spiritual warfare that is going on in india. the next day, i got some gnarly diarrhea that was quite reminiscent of dehli belly. today, a friend sent me a video reminding me, in the way a defibrillator reminds the heart to beat properly, the persecution that runs rampant in my dear india.

i love interacting with people in india. i love eating the tikka masala and biriani. i even love bartering-to an extent. i love talking about spiritual things and Jesus in every day conversation. i love storying. but God is good. He doesn't want me falling in love with a culture or living in a fairy-tale understanding of this place that has captured my heart, even if it was because of its lostness. how marvelous He is to remind me of the sucky parts.

but i love my desire to go only increases. praise God that He is strong in my weakness!

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