Monday, October 12, 2009


i thought i hadn't blogged in oh so long. truly, it had only been about nine days. oh well. here's what's up:

-still no bike, but hopefully so soon.
-almost caught up on three seasons of 30 Rock. thanks courtney for the revelation and kenneth for setting an example for us all.
-tendinitis is worse. suck.
-i still love ice cream.
-i have struggled with whether or not to go to east asia for christmas. i'm not going. wait, i'm going. nope, not going.
-i think i need a haircut.
-i had my first day in icu-at last-and it was strangely enjoyable. strange.
-i feel disconnected from God too often. i love when sean (senior pastor) prayed that we would have our minds unclouded so that we could see God better. ugh-amazing.
-learned about this weird thing called reiki in one of my class. its so wrong, especially when Jesus is tagged onto it.
-i'm passing my classes with about half of 1/5 of total assignments turned in. this is a marathon, not a sprint...
-can't wait to be home in just over a month to spend time with rg.
-i started looking for jobs already. it's a disease.
-yesterday, i got to hang out with some of the besties and eat pumpkin bar/cake things and listen to theology was all about legalism. talk about good times.
-i wish i could fit into my black capris.
-i'm so glad it's actually fall-ish here so i don't have to wear my capris.

that's about it. lots of work and such ahead. can't wait to come home and fellowship and feel like this part of my life (ie school) is over. i love learning and i am so grateful for having the ability to learn, but dude, i feel stunted in this place-and that sucks major.


Johnny said...

haha thanks for helping. have had 400 profile views!!! i dunno why...but i think that it's pretty cool. and not just cuz it's a lot. but cuz it's 400. :)

Kimberlee Hartwig said...

I don't want you to feel stunted here. What can I do?