Saturday, October 3, 2009

love hate relationships

i'm currently in four:

India: this one is well known. i blog about it often. i LOVE the people, the food, the ever-changing smells consumed while on an auto. i HATE the treatment of people, the starvation, the smell of feces and utter lostness.

Verizon: silly, but here we go. i LOVE that i can make a call pretty much anywhere. i HATE that i feel like i get ripped off every time i go into the store because my objective for going in was not really met.

Nursing School:
while i may not have blogged about this relationship, it is ever present in my life. i LOVE learning, my profs, and meeting and working with people who need healing and restoration in many aspects of life. i HATE the consuming homework, the know-it-all profs, and the ridiculous whining that seems to consume us all when faced with bad answers from a test. dumb.

oh yes, target. this is the newest of my love-hate relationships. i LOVE target because it has my shampoo at a fair cost, there are often great movie deals, and clearance items cannot be beat. i HATE target because they train their employees to know just enough to get by, but not to have any kind of expertise; they sell specialty products, but don't know how to fix them; and when you return something, (no matter the dollar amount), they give it back to you via gift card. uber dumb.

i know there are worse things in the world than target, but i wish companies would just have some integrity and help proceed to actual meet the customers' needs. any business minded people in the house? take note, people HATE being ripped off or feeling wronged. try to at least be personable with them. this all stemmed from my bike fiasco. so now i am without, which is good and bad. would love assistance in the bike realm if at all possible. thanks. um, have a great day.

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