Monday, October 26, 2009

why i go.

i have so much to blog about, but sincerely, i don't have time to write that long of a blog right now.

john piper posted this on his facebook. look at, cry, see the lostness.

i'm not taking a stance for or against the war, but i am taking a stance on the nations, the ethnos. people in those pictures are lost. they have no hope. they have no true King to worship and submit to. that is why i cry. this is why i go.

i'm not trying to play on your emotions, but i want you to see what i see. i want to beg for God to be merciful to them, not by stopping the bombing, but by sending workers to the ripe, rotting harvest. i want you to examine your heart earnestly and be able to tell me that "God really has you here."


Kimberlee Hartwig said...

Pictures are indeed worth 1000 words...or more. Wow. Why are we there again?! Those pictures bring up all the anger in me again. The body of Christ needs to go, not soldiers! What are we thinking?!

Steph.URen said...

I see it.