Wednesday, August 20, 2008


God always blows me away with His faithfulness. you think by now i would be completely content and trusting of this incredibly faithful One, but i'm not.

in india we met a lady who's sister was dying of chronic renal failure. they had money for doctor's appointments and some meds, but not enough for the essential care. however, death seemed inevitable. we prayed for her and asked for healing, but when i didn't see God heal her while we were there, i didn't think that was what he had ordained. i went on my "merry" way, but was so anxious for what God was going to do in the lives of this muslim family.

today, i got an email from my supervisor. the woman is doing MUCH better and can even go "out" for visits. i don't know in what capacity she is healed, but God has CLEARLY been the faithful One to work!!! how amazing is our God?

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