Sunday, August 10, 2008

weekend wrap up

in the midst of the serious blogging, i thought i'd take a break to let you know about the CRAZY (ok, not so crazy) weekend i had.

it all started friday after i got off work and headed over to a friend's house to get my hair cut. i got a trim, but it took a while and i had somewhere else to be. i rushed home and got cookin. i needed to make some indian food for an opening ceremony party. each person attending the party was to represent a country and i was to represent india (quite obviosly). i hurridly made the food, packed it as well as chai, and got dressed. an hour and a half later we finally arrived. the night was SO fun! i ended up winning first place, (we had our own competetion going on) and was awesome! here was the podium ceremony.

on saturday, ellen and i left early because we were headed out to redding the next day. and that we did. alarm: 5:19am. four hours and three cups of coffee later, we make it to redding for a day of fun. we accompany my aunt to the farmer's market and a really yummy bread store. we get back to her place and, feeling kinda adventurous, i ask her if she has a bike. "why yes!" she replies with some enthusiasm. fear and excitement swell inside me. i know that this is the moment for me to learn how to ride a bike! (yes, it's true. i've spent most of my life not knowing how to ride a bike, but now, i hopefully have a better grasp on it!). here's the video.

i also had my aunt look at a small injury on the bottom of my foot. i stepped on something at the beach a couple of weeks ago and its...well...weird. that's all. she seems to think it's infected and put a hecka cool colliod bandage on it. but it defiantely seems to be that it is infected. oh joy.

that night we ate yummy burritos (first mexican food since being home) and ice cream (always a winner). sunday we headed home. five hours, one cup of coffee, and one venti carmel light frap later, we are back in san mateo. this is the traffic circle be our house; apparently someone dislikes it as much as i do.

so uh, that's my weekend.


Steve Ballmer said...
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deanna said...

You are so awesome! Can't wait to hang out!!