Wednesday, August 27, 2008

summer of firsts

this has been a summer of firsts to be sure.

  • -this is the first summer since jr. high (thirteen years!) that i haven't been to hume lake. and ya know, i didn't really miss it. sure, i missed my friends and the sights, but i don't miss the inevitable drama or poorly represented gospel. chapter: closed.
  • -i finally learned how to ride a bike!!! yes, old news for consistent readers, but honest, this has been something i have wanted to conquer for years. to get on a bike for the first time since i was-seven?-is pretty awesome. chapter: beginning
  • -i didn't get injured at the pool this summer! the other injuries and issues are piled high, but uh, yea...
  • -this is the first summer i am totally serious about not working at the pool next summer and the first time i actually had good conversations with my co-workers about Jesus.
  • -i finally branched out and went overseas with a group other than cbu or church. there were still connections with school and think i need those kind of connections in life, but what a great "experience."
  • -for the first time i've been so grieved to leave my friends from church. i mean, i always miss them and what's been going on, but really, this time, i'm going to miss their company and conversations.
i'm sure there are more firsts, but these are some of the major ones. i love firsts. can't wait to see what God allows me to experience for the first time this next semester!

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<3 Kim <3 said...

cinderrrrrrrs!!! i am SOOO sad you are gone. I did NOT realize you would be gone by the time I got back and I did NOT give you a proper goodbye. and i am soo sad. however, my gift to you, is a link to my clandestine blog... haha. luv ya lady, and thanks for the chai. i'm having a chai party for myself soon. probably more like a chai pity party since you are gone. :( i had fun hanging w/ you this summer.