Tuesday, August 5, 2008

prayer please

i so hesitated in posting this, but i am so weak and need prayer. so thank you in advance.
so i've been struggling with being back at work-the same place i've worked for the past seven summers. most people know i'm a follower of Jesus, (or at least the Christian), so they stay away. conversations about Jesus are hard to have because my co-workers simply don't want to have them.

God is simply amazing. the last two days i've had conversations with people about Jesus and "religion." the conversation usually ends with "well, how do you feel about gays?" or "what about the tribal people?" but they still seem fairly "open."

i'm amazed by God's faithfulness to provide obvious opportunities for me to let people know about Jesus. i'm amazed that God would allow someone as unworthy and unfaithful as me to share His truths with others.

what i ask is this: i am so not used to this. i know what i believe, but i haven't shared with people who don't have a "religious" background in some time, (another failing). i would ask that you pray that God would give me wisdom, that i would attentive to the Spirit and would not lean on my strength and knowledge, but remember that the Lord is made strong in my weakness.

thank you again.


Holly Strand said...

Praying for you cindy roo:) I totally understand what you're talking about. Wow...we really need to hang and talk over coffee:) Love you sister!

deanna said...

Praying for ya old rooomate! P.S....I'm down with Greece! Just let me know when and where! :)

Diane said...

Praying for you!