Saturday, August 23, 2008

joe biden

he's been choosen to represent the democrats as the "presumptive" next vice-president of these here fine united states. i don't know. i've only looked at a few of his issues, but he's written a few books on international issues, (an obvious reason of why he was chosen by the obama camp for this illustrious position). however, my parents were so shocked by the choice of this man. i want to know why? what have been his votes in teh senate on moral, economic, and international issues over the past decades to cause such a reaction. ok, i admit my parents and i do not hold the same political values, nonetheless, it seems odd.

any thoughts, reactions, or rubtles?

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Holly Strand said...

he's the most liberal man EVER!! Are you still thinking about voting for Obama???? Did you watch the debates at Rick Warren's church?? Oh man I miss our talks...I'm going through withdrawls:(